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Basic glass , which is used for the production of the vast majority of special glass for the construction and furniture industries.

They are available in variants


  • glass colored in the mass

  • clear glass

  • extra clear glass

  • clear glass with a slight bluish tinge on the quarry

Planibel Colored

glasses suitable for all processing and designed primarily for construction, decoration, high-tech, etc. They are glasses with basic sun protection. They are also used as a base for coated glasses.

They are available in colors:


  • bronze

  • gray

  • green

  • azure

  • dark blue

  • blue

  • dark gray






Planibel Clear Clear

is clear glass neutral for all applications in construction and interior design

Planibel Clear Clearvision

is extra clear neutral glass for all applications in construction and interior design

Planibel Clear Blue Line

is a clear transparent glass with a bluish tinge on the quarry, designed for all processing for construction purposes in the exterior and interior.

In addition to direct use, all these glasses are intended for further - special processing, such as hardening, laminating, enamelling, printing, bending, hard coating.

PLANIBEL CCV glass with 92% light transmittance is especially exceptional. All types of this product are also mounted in insulating glass. An example of further processing is the product BLACK PEARL, which is an opaque glass with a hard coating. This glass is a solution for double glazing in window sections, in the interior for partitions, railings, doors, etc. The light coefficient of light transmission is close to zero. It is a glass colored in the mass with a surface treatment carried out directly on the production line. It is also used in furniture. In the exterior, it is mainly used in double glazing on facades, where it is mounted identical to the glass in the transparent part. The optical harmony of the facades is then ensured by both color and brightness and optical quality.

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