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The company 2HP spol. s ro offers a wide range of services in the field of consulting and implementation of steel, locksmith, and glass structures for your projects.


Technical support

We offer technical support for project preparation and implementation. We will advise on the selection of suitable material, dimensions, thickness, and adjustment according to your requirements with regard to many years of experience with the implementation of all types of constructions and projects.


Static calculations

From our portfolio of services, we can also offer a static calculation for the project in order to verify its technical feasibility or to determine the suitability of the materials used for given situations.


U melecké glass elements

We carry out our own production of various glass elements from interior mosaics to glass facades of exteriors. We cooperate mainly with renowned artists and we produce glass elements by hand according to patented technologies.


Assembly and implementation

Upon agreement, we also carry out the assembly of locksmith and glass products supplied by you.


Transport and packaging

Of course, the delivery of suitable packaging and ensuring the transport of our products to the place of implementation.



We also perform, using special equipment and jigs, repairs of damaged glass panes by scratching, small cracks, and chipped edges (shells up to 5 mm).



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