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These are structural and point glazing systems using various types of glass, fittings and supporting structures.

These systems are the ideal solution for architects striving to achieve maximum lightness of the structure and high light transmission.

The systems use specially treated glasses that meet the highest quality requirements for machining. Special hardening technology also increases the mechanical resistance of glass, which is essential for systems of this type.

The supporting (load-bearing) construction of these facades is usually steel, stainless steel, frame and lattice, made of rolled profiles of pipes or ropes, or glass, supplemented by stainless steel connecting elements.

The glass panes of the façade are always attached to the supporting structure by means of stainless steel articulated joints. This flexible suspension system makes it possible to reduce the load transfer by wind, snow and the effect of a change in temperature to the load-bearing structure.

The articulated bearing on the support elements is made of high-strength stainless steel. The surface treatment by polishing or grinding completes the overall effect of the construction.

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